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All GUSD students have one or more opportunities to be tested for GATE.  All second grad students are given the Raven’s Progressive Matrices Plus (SPM+) test in the spring.  Students in third, fourth or fifth grade that are new to the district are tested in the fall.  Students new to the district in middle school can be referred to the District GATE Office for testing by teachers or administrators.


Multiple measures are used to determine GATE eligibility.  Students scoring at or above the 95th percentile are referred for a Case Study and possible certification for GATE services.  The parent is notified and requested to complete a parent survey and sign a permission form to build the Case Study.  If permission is given, a Case Study is built to include the following:


  • Scores on the Raven’s Progressive Matrices (SPM+)
  • Scores on benchmark testing
  • Parent questionnaire
  • Teacher list of observed behaviors
  • List of health and environmental risk factors

School sites and parents have the option of requesting an appeal of the GATE certification process for students who score in the 90th-94th percentile.  The process is the same as above with the addition of the following requirements for consideration:


  • Scores on recently administered achievement tests


A request to re-screen a student may be made two years after the initial participation in the screening process.



Members of the GATE Certification Committee may include:

  • School principal
  • District GATE Administrator
  • Teacher
  • Other personnel, as appropriate


This committee reviews the data to determine a student’s qualification for GATE services.  If the GATE Certification Committee determines the students to be eligible, their certification form is approved.  Once certified, the student’s parents and school are notified, and the student is identified as GATE in the District Student Database.  All Case Study forms are retained in the District’s GATE office files until students reach 21 years of age.  A purple folder sent to the school for identified students should be placed in the cumulative file.  Parents may request that identification information from the District GATE Office be provided to another district. 

Raven’s Progressive Matrices Plus

How was the SPM+ chosen?

A committee composed of parents of GATE students, the District GATE Administrator, and a GATE Consultant conducted a search for assessment instrument to use in identifying giftedness among all ethnic groups and learning styles.  The SPM+ was determined to be the best available measure of general intelligence for all populations.  The recommendation for use of this instrument was reviewed and accepted by the GUSD Board of Education.


Does the SPM+ only test visual skills?  What about the child with excellent verbal skills?


The SPM+ is a non-reading test that contains many elements necessary in work usage, decoding, abstract reasoning and language acquisition.


Do other Districts use the SPM+?


Yes, the GATE Identification and Review Committee researched other districts in California with populations similar to GUSD.  Many have used the SPM+ for several years and have found it to be equitable and accurate in providing one indicator of GATE eligibility.


(Link to GATE standards)


GATE Program and Services in GUSD


GUSD submits a written plan to the California Department of Education based on the most current GATE standards.  The Department of Education evaluates the plan and provides funding for between one and three years depending on the quantity and quality of standards met in the plan.


All schools in GUSD receive state funds for Gifted and Talented Education services.  Each school includes GATE services in the school plan.  Services are based on the State GATE Standards, student assessment needs, and current research on the needs of gifted students.  The school plan must is submitted to the GUSD School Board through the District Office.  Each school should include a parent of a GATE student on the School Site Council.